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Yanmar Among World’s Most Efficient Machines

More than 100 years ago Yanmar started developing products that not only get the job done, but also do it in a manner that's best for the environment. To this day, we continue searching for ways to improve technology and enhance design to make your job easier. Today, Yanmar employees over 15,000 people worldwide. Our primary focus in North America is in agriculture, marine, power generation, construction, and industrial engines.

In Japan (Yanmar’s origins), oil has always been a scarce commodity. The engines for agricultural use in the early 20th century burned oil and were cumbersome, heavy and difficult to start. As a result, they did little to improve the efficiency of the workers who planted and harvested rice.

Finding the existing options wasteful, founder Magokichi Yamaoka created a new type of diesel engine. In 1933, he successfully developed the world's first small diesel engine with a cold-start mechanism. And since it used less oil than the conventional versions, it fulfilled his tenet: "To conserve fuel is to serve mankind.” Yanmar strived to be better than the rest.

Yanmar’s legacy of innovation and environmental awareness continues as more products enter the market.

Today, Yanmar products are assembled in our state-of-the-art facility in Adairsville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Service and replacement parts are quickly fulfilled from this location to anywhere in North America.

From the Performance Link Technology of engine drive trains to the Yanmar team in Georgia, we believe you'll find every aspect of Yanmar to be of exceptional quality. Feel free to compare Yanmar products to others. Yanmar alone runs above the competition.

At Project Equipment Ltd., we are proud to be the exclusive Yanmar dealer in Manitoba. Through our sales and service departments, we see every day how Yanmar agricultural and construction product lines are superior in design and efficiency compared to the other products available in our market. With over 100 years in the industry, and built on the purpose of efficiency, there is no other machine on the market that can save you time and money like a Yanmar.

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