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Manitou Agricultural Telehandlers Now Available at Project Equipment

The Manitoba agricultural industry contributes nearly 12% to the province’s GDP - totalling well over $7.3 billion. That’s big business! Based on the thriving ag industry, we identified the need to supply the market with innovative, quality machines that will help farmers maximize their operation’s performance.

Since the spring of 2013 we have been supplying the Manitoba construction industry with quality Manitou telehandlers, but now we have expanded our product line to the agricultural sector as well. We have just secured the MLT line of Manitou telehandlers.

Manitou MLT) telehandlers carry a strong commitment to farming, supplying operators with modern, technically advanced machines that provide greater comfort and increased productivity. Machine dimensions enable the larger handlers to move loads up to 4,000 tonnes in complete safety. 4-wheeled crab steering allows the machine to operate in all kinds of terrain, regardless of conditions.

High performance turbo engines provide maximum efficiency without sacrificing much needed power. All models are perfectly designed with a power-to-weight ratio that gives exceptional performance and fuel consumption.

The versatility of the Manitou telehandler is what appeals most to farmers. The ability to easily handle bales, animal feed, bulk loading, hauling and stacking makes the MLT series perfect for dairy and livestock farms, nurseries, poultry and any other operation where space is restricted.

The Manitou MLT interior is designed specifically for operator comfort and performance. The climate controlled, ergonomically designed cabin features an adjustable seat, steering column and major sound reduction. Exclusive to Manitou is the JSM Joystick Switch and Move, which allows the operator to control all movements with one hand in total safety without causing fatigue.

Manitou handlers are compatible with a wide range of attachments sure to increase each farm’s performance and meeting each individual’s requirements.

To schedule a viewing on the MLT line of ag telehandlers, contact us today!