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Hustler Turf Equipment Now Available at Project Equipment

Project Equipment Ltd. and Hustler Turf Equipment are excited to announce their new partnership - bringing you some of the best turf equipment on the market. Project Equipment Ltd. will have access to the full product line, ranging from residential electric machines right up to industrial strength specialty machines, and everything in between. The first order is already on the way here!

Hustler Turf Equipment is Project Equipment’s 5th product line, joining the premium equipment lines of Yanmar, Mustang, Manitou and Ramrod.

The first Hustler machine was produced in 1966 when they created their first commercial-duty tractor and mower deck with offset trim capability, allowing for more precise and aesthetically pleasing results for large-area jobs. By continually evolving the Hustler line, they have grown from humble beginnings to a leader in the industry. Hustler mowers undergo regular re-designs and improvements under the guidance of innovative Excel engineers, always living up to the highest Hustler standards. With every mower their goal remains the same - to provide our customers with a dependable mower that will help them complete more work in less time.

Hustler Turf Equipment is made up of 21 different machines split into 5 lines; residential, commercial, industrial, golf and electric. What makes Hustler so great is the quality of thier product. Hustler uses premium Kawasaki enigines, welded steel decks - not stamped, fast zero-turn smooth track steering and offer the best warranty in their class.

Innovation and quality - Hustler has changed everything.

For more information about the entire Hustler lineup, give us a call at (204) 222-5222 or email bob@projectequipment.ca